All You Need To Know About Home Decor Accents


Home decor accents are pieces or areas of a room that accentuate the overall look and feel of the space. They compliment the colors and they provide a focal point to create the mood of the room. In this article we are going to provide you with a detailed overview of home decor accents to help you to understand how to use them and why they are important in interior decoration. 

Examples of Home Decor Accents 

 Here are some examples of home decor accents, these can give you an idea of how to create a distinctive style when you are designing your space. 


Accent Walls 

Give any large or medium sized space a bold, distinctive look by adding an accent wall. Choose the most prominent wall in the room and add texture and color using wallpaper or plastering. You can also choose a simple block color to give the room a designer feel. Accent walls create an attractive focal point, breaking up the monotony of the room making it larger and more spacious. Accent walls work well in minimal spaces where everything else is simple and understated. The accent wall will add some extra vibrancy to the room. 


Lamps and Lighting Accessories 

 mermaid lamp

Lamps and lighting fixtures bring style and charm to a room without breaking the bank. You can even recycle old lamps by adding new and bold lampshades. For example, with a simple white and grey minimal style room, add a pop of color by adding fuschia pink or yellow lamp shades or light fixtures. 


Accent Pillows and Cushions 


Pillows and cushions also add that extra pop of color to your bedroom or living area. A simple and understated room can benefit from bright, bold pillows to add some extra style  to a space. A black and white room would benefit from adding some vibrant yellow pillows, or even turquoise or pink. Experiment with varying shades and textures to take the room to the next level of stylishness. 


Small Furniture Pieces    

 Golden Scrollwork Stool

Small furniture pieces such ottomans, foot stools, side tables and fireplace screens can really elevate the look and feel of a space. Even a bold statement headboard can act as the perfect accent piece in a bedroom. Play with colors and textures to add dimension and flare to the space!  



Area rugs pull everything together and make a space look and feel more homely and inviting. Great for wooden floors or tiled floors, they add some warmth and depth to an otherwise empty looking space. A bright area rug will add that much needed pop of color to a dull space. If you want to brighten up your space without doing too much work, get a bold, statement piece area rug, you won’t be disappointed. 


Accent Art  

Accent art, such as paintings, tapestries and wall decor should complement the colors in the room without overpowering them. Pick the the most prominent color and get some art that will match that color. Simple color block art works really well in minimal, contemporary spaces. Bright, eye catching floral art also works well in simple, modern spaces. For a classic space, some antique framed painting would add warmth and depth to the space. 


Table And Mantel Accessories 

Table accessories such as vases, bowls, candle holders, figurines, picture frames. The list is endless!  Save money by searching for thrifted picture frames, vases and bowls. Consider spray painting thrifted items to spruce them up and give them that personal touch. You will be surprised at how effective table accessories are at accentuating a room and changing the whole vibe of the place! The items do not have to be purposeful, just let them be, let them do their job by elevating the mood of the room. 



Throws instantly switch up the essence of a space, the beauty of a good quality throw is that if you purchase multiple complementary colors, you can instantly change the mood of the place by switching out the colors. Throws are excellent for bedrooms and living rooms, give your couch a whole new lease of life with a vibrant throw. Change the whole mood in your bedroom by covering or accentuating the bed with a folded throw at the foot of the bed. 


The Importance of Home Decor Accents 


If you want to cultivate a distinctive and personal style for your home then home decor accents are vital. They will not only add that pop of color where necessary but they will differentiate your home from other homes. Modern spaces can often look sterile, but with added touches, they turn a generic space into a beautiful and stylish home. Home decor accents can easily be modified and tweaked over time, therefore making it easier to give your space a new lease of life when you are bored with the old style. Switch out old pillows and change the color of your throws, add a new dimension to your wall art by painting the frames. 


Home decor accents will breathe life into your home, providing your home with a whole new look, feel and vibe! 


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