Embrace Your Country Side With Farmhouse Decorative Accents

The best part about farmhouse style? There are so many different things you can try. Not only are there farmhouse furniture pieces and décor items for virtually every taste and budget, but there are also ways to get creative on your own terms.

 If you’re new to all of this, it can help to brush up on the essentials. Farmhouse style brings to mind wagon wheels, barn doors, the early-morning crow of the rooster, the fresh smell of hay, and the idea of old being reborn as something entirely novel and delightful.

 While the style is traditionally found in rural or agricultural settings, there is no rule that says you can’t bring the essentials of farmhouse to wherever you may live.


The Essentials Of Farmhouse Style

With so many different options for farmhouse decorative accents, you can easily find ways to bring this style into your home. From chalkboard mirrors featuring a barn door style, to cute single wall racks featuring a cute red rooster, you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to bring this style into your home.

 Here are some of the most important elements that define farmhouse décor as a whole:

  • Some of the most popular farmhouse style colors include navy, sage, cream, white, and gray.
  • A lot of farmhouse décor, particularly when it comes to farmhouse-style accents, likes to come from the idea of taking something old, and giving it a new lease on life. It’s doing something like taking some old barrels, and transforming them into a functional, stunning fountain.
  • At the same time, some items can suggest they are just too precious to change. Think of the idea of the family heirloom. There are tons of accent pieces that can give you the impression that they have been passed down in your family on through the generations.
  • Another cornerstone of this style is the concept of endurance. The best farmhouse décor ideas and accents are going to look sturdy, well-loved, and capable of standing the long test of time. This is why you will find many farmhouse accent pieces made from things like distressed wood and well-worn iron.
  • Why do so many different people find farmhouse-style soothing? It might be the dependability suggested in décor tips, decorative accents, and other ways to create this atmosphere. There is something many find comforting about things that have lasted for a long time.


One of the most important components to many farmhouse decorative accent pieces is the seamless marriage of form and function. It isn’t just enough for this style and these items to look rustic, or rural. They also have to be useful in some form or fashion.

 This is the value of repurposing something to make it useful in an entirely different sense.  An old piece of metal can be shaped into something with the ability to hold some spices, or whatever the case may be.


How To Create The Farmhouse Style In Your Own Space

Farmhouse décor can be a ton of fun, in terms of realizing it in your own space. In addition to buying specific accents or products, there are several other useful tips that you can keep in mind:

  • Think neutral colors: We mentioned some specific colors before, but this concept in general is worth bringing up again. Generally speaking, farmhouse avoids very dark or very bright colors. It also emphasizes consistency from one space to the next. In other words, if you’re planning to paint some of your rooms to create your country living ideal, avoid using different colors from one room to the next.
  • Mixing old and new: You don’t have to give up your smart TV, or throw out anything that even remotely suggests the 21st century. Far from it. Read up on some other farmhouse décor guides, and you will find that all of them like to mix old and new to one degree or another. Remember that there is a lot of creativity within this larger subject!
  • Wood and wire: If you just don’t know where to begin with accents and other items, remember that wood and wire are the two most important aspects of anything that qualifies as farmhouse.


Start simple. Shop around for different farmhouse accent pieces, and find something that will get you moving in the right direction!


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