Artificial Greenery FAQ

Do artificial plants come in the planters?

Yes they do! Every plant we sell comes in a planter as shown on the product photo. You don't even need a topper, because planters are set with the accompaniment of natural moss or decorative rocks (bagged separately).

How to unpack and arrange my artificial plant?

Step 1: Unpack and stand your plant upright.

Step 2: Bend down branches. The fogliage is tightly packed and folded in order to protect the plant in transit. Carefully pull down each section starting from the bottom.

Step 3: Fluff out the leaves. After the branches have been separated, start fluffing the leaves, going through each tier of foliage. Bend each leave back and out so they alternate in position and direction. Turn plant around and continue to style and fluff foliage throughout.

Step 4: Add accompanying setting to planter. Some of our plants come with decorative rocks in a separate bag. Arrange them along the top base of the plant.

Step 5: Place the plant in the desired location and enjoy!

How do I take care of my artificial plant?

You should clean your plant periodically to remove any dirt and dust from it. Use feather duster or a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe the foliage. You can also use a paintbrush to remove dirt from within the planter itself (moss, rocks and setting).

Can I place my artificial plant outdoors?

Natural elements can inflict damage on regular artificial greenery. Luckely, our collection of UV Resistant/Outdoor Artificial Greenery is specifically designed with UV protection so you don't have to worry about displaying these plants outdoors.