RP Reward Program

Welcome to Red Parrot reward program! 

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new reward program for our customers where you can earn RP (Red Parrot) points and get rewarded in so many different ways! 

Ways to earn:

1. Sign Up

First of all, join our RP reward program. Click on the red "gift" icon in the bottom right corner to become a member. With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards! You will earn 100 RP points for signing up!

2. Place an order.

You will earn 10 RP points for every $1 you spend with us!

3. We really love birthdays! That's why we reward you by giving you 100 RP points on your birthday! Just don't forget to set your date of birth in your RP reward dashboard after registering. You can always find your reward dashboard under the "gift" icon in the bottom right corner. 

Ways to spend:

More points you earn more exclusive rewards you get! Here is a breakdown:

500 RP points - 5% off your next purchase! 

1000 RP points - 10% off next purchase!

1500 RP points - free shipping discount!

2000 RP points - 20% off your next purchase!

2500 RP points - Free Gift at checkout!

Elephant Oil Warmer Trio

3000 RP points - Free Gift at checkout!

Butterfly Lily Candle Holder

4000 RP points - Free Gift at checkout!

Apple Basket Solar Street Light Statue

5000 RP points - Win our Master Price! 

Desk Top Water Fountain

These are default redemption products. You can always change them by letting us know. Just send us an email at sales@cozyhomeboutique.com.  The price of new redemption product should not exceed the price of default redemption product.



We also reward you to spread the word about us! This is how it works. Refer your friends by sharing URL (10% off coupon) via Facebook, Twitter or email. Once they place an order using the coupon, you get 10% off coupon too! Go to your RP rewards dashboard for more details.

Thank You for being our loyal customer!